July is a month worth choosing while traveling Armenia. There are a list of interesting festivals that are worth seeing. One of them is Watermelon Festival. This is the third year running the Municipality of Yerevan will hold a Watermelon Festival in the area of the Swan’s Lake on July 18. The event is hold within “Yerevan summer” 2015 program.
Special variants of watermelon decoration will be suggested by official buffet companies. Carving specialists will amaze the passers-by with their unique decorations and the latter will hurry to take a photo and show interest with secrets of this art. By the way, symbols of Yerevan will be also present in these works of art. Games and competitions will be organized during the event.
The residents and guests of Yerevan to taste some watermelon will be served by popular singers, actors and TV presenters in the special pavilions.
In the evening Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan will visit the area of the Swan’s Lake. The Watermelon Festival will last till late evening and will be followed by a concert program and end with a disco.