Yerevan’s Flea Market is probably one of the best open air markets in world.


Visit Armenia and do not miss this opportunity visiting VERNISSAGE (varnishing, from French) — a term used for a preview of an art exhibition. A visit to Vernissage market could be a full day excursion on a beautiful weekend day where you will find everything from vintage meat grinder parts to puppy dogs for sale. It is bargain hunters heaven.

The Vernissage is the right place to get little taste of Armenia and a special spot to witness the fusion between national traditions and modern taste. Vernissage  offers various kinds of nice national souvinirs, jewelry and other traditional items.

Vernissage is held behind Republic Square metro on Nalbandyan street, selling everything under the sun. This is your best place to get souvenirs, since the back half has many handicrafts including ceramics, carved wood, stone, lace, needlework, dolls, paintings, jewelry and other things such as carpets, books and t-shirts. Rummage around this exciting and colorful market on weekends — open from spring to autumn (weather permitting).

Currently, one can come across with almost anything in this weekend-open market. It is open only on the weekends, except for the part at the end of the Vernissage venue where it connects with Khanjian Street.

Initially this word denoted the inauguration of a modern exhibition. However, the Vernissage has certainly been one of the most essential elements of Yerevan’s cultural life.