Vardavar is one of Armenian national-religious holidays which has its deep roots in pagan era. Vardavar is celebrated on the 14th Sunday after Easter celebration during the period from 28 June to 1 October. In the pagan era vardavar was associated with Goddess of love named Astghik. According to tradition Astghik presented roses and sprayed rosewater spreading love in Armenian land, and her beloved God, Vahagn, protected and preserved that love. And the name of the holiday – Vardavar derives from this legend. According to another tradition Noah, descending from the ark which had landed on Mount Ararat after the flood, orders his sons to spray water at each other in the memory of the flood in Vardavar. After the adoption of Christianity Armenian church revived Vardavar holiday, deeply loved by people. Vardavar enjoys great popularity. In Vardavar people spray each other with great amount of water. Vardavar is not only a perfect way of being refreshed on a hot summer day but also it changes into a real holiday of water. Besides, water of Vardavar considers to be healing, and everybody should get at least several drops of water during spraying each other. It is also traditional to fly doves in vardavar. Vardavar has been celebrated more solemnly in villages where the merry songs and dances, various games and jocks are the inseparable part of the holiday.
So, instead of hearing about Vardavar for several times you`d rather visit Armenia during vardavar and participate in this cheerful holiday.