What to see and do if you have only one day to spend in Armenia. Don’t expect to see Armenia all in one. Still, we can give it your best shot.

Day 1

    Type of tour: Garni Pagan Temple, Geghard Monastery
    Duration: 5 Hrs
    Distance: 90 km
    Start/End point: Yerevan, Armenia
    Contact number: +37494726002 Viber/Whatsapp


    Garni Pagan Temple

    Within our tour we will be in the valley of Azat river where there are many historical and natural monuments. 

    Visit Garni temple (1st c.), the only survived pagan temple in Armenia devoted to the God of Sun Mihr. It is located on the Valley of Azatriver. The ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a unique mosaic work can be found near the temple.The architectural complex of Garni was Armenia’s foremost center of Hellenistic culture and the summer residence of Armenian kings.

    During the next part of the tour we will go down to Azat canyon. There are miraculous natural monuments as well as amazing basalt columns of volcanic lava which are called “Basalt organ” or “Symphony of stone.”, “Girl’s fortress” cave-dwelling (“The King’s daughter zaghan-cave. etc.). 


    Geghard Monastery

    Geghard is the only cave-curved monastery in  the whole Trans Caucasus from the 13th c.  Geghard is an incredible ancient Armenian monastery, partly carved out of a mountain. It is said that the Holy Lance that pierced the body of Christ was kept here. It is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.