Let’s take a time and discover for ourselves the Pink City- Yerevan. Armenians are really proud of having a capital city like Yerevan. It’s hospitable, always willing to receive guests. Yerevan nights are so warm and days are so attractive. Mostly from Yerevan  starts every tour to Armenian provinces and the final point also remains Yerevan. For having a full idea of our country we usually start our tours from discovering the capital city. Yerevan city tour is an integral part of Armenian tour packages. During this tour our guests have a great opportunity to be admired by ancient buildings and culture and explore for themselves modern architectures and solutions given by Armenian masters.

There are only few modern cities in the world which are as old as Yerevan. In 2018 the city will celebrate its 2,800 th anniversary. This ancient city was founded in 782 BC by the tsar of Ancient Urartu – Argishti I who built the fortress on Arin-Berd hill and named it Erebuni. That fortress gave the name to the city which grew around. The ancient slab found by archeologists on that hill became the original birth certificate of the city. The cuneiform writing says: “With the help of great God Haldi the tsar Argishti, the son of Menua constructed this powerful fortress and named it Erebuni”. It was 29 years prior to the origination of Rome.

A lot can be told about Yerevan  but the best way to discover it- is to visit it with your eyes.