Best of Armenia and Georgia

Travel to the Caucasus to explore the secrets of this hidden land from Yerevan and Tbilisi to dramatic Caucasus Mountains and Silk Road sites frozen in time. Experience Caucasian hospitality at its best, visit wineries, sample Armenian cuisine and Georgian polyphonic singing.

Georgia is situated in the western and central parts of Transcaucasia. It is surrounded by the main Caucasian mountain range on the North and by the branches of the main range on the East and the South and the Black Sea on the West. The whole history of the country mostly lived on this territory. The state borders of irgia have been changing, expanding and In inking for centuries. The central region of Georgia is Kartli. The name of the people “Kartveli” and the name of the country “Sakartvelo” have originated from this word.
The Georgians are one of the most ancient peoples in the world. In the third millennium BC there existed a single pre-Georgian language. The spoken languages Svanuri (in the second millennium BC) and Megruli (in the first millennium BC) were separated from the main language. The Georgian literary language was based on and developed from the Georgian language proper.
The favorable natural conditions, diversity of her rich nature and the location on the cross-road of different great civilizations in different epochs. The routes connecting the East and the West, the South and the North functioned with various intensity at different stages of history. The geopolitical location was favorable for the contacts with other civilized countries on the one hand, but on the other brought country into the sphere of interests of great Empires.

Armenia is located in the southwest Caucasus Region, neighboring on Georgia and Azerbaijan to the north, Iran and Turkey to the south, and a separate province of Azerbaijan in the southeast, called Nakhijevan (historically a part of Armenia, until the establishment of the Soviet power in Armenia. It doesn’t even share a border with Azerbaijan). The total area of the country is 29,800 square kilometers (11,505 square miles), making it about the size of Maryland.
Yerevan is the pink “pearl” of Armenia, the capital of this small but ancient country as old as Babylon and Rome. This ancient European city is mostly built by different shades of the local pink stone called tuff. You should see the Republic Square where the combination of different shades of pink stone is more vivid.
Yerevan is one of the most ancient cities in the world founded in 782B.C. It’s 29years older than Rome, the capital of Italy. The founder of Yerevan was the Urartian King Argishti I who founded the fortress of Erebouni on the southern part of nowadays Yerevan “to the glory of the country of Biaina and to the fear of its enemies”. “Biana” is the local name of Urartu or Ararat kingdom founded on the shores of Lake Van (now in Turkey). Until now one can see the citadel of Erebouni fortress located on a hill. On the territory of the fortress one can see the ruins of two temples of worship, one with frescoes