Taraz festival in Armenia is arranged every year and it is a celebration of one of the richest of Armenian traditions – Taraz. This year Taraz Festival in Armenia will be celebrated on 11 July, 2015 in Sarnaghbyur, Shirak Province. Traditional Taraz (national dress) reflects the cultural identity of the nation, the peculiarities of the national character. In the course of history the clothing of every region received its unique style and features. The traditional Armenian Taraz is divided into 2 large groups – Western and Eastern Armenian. Apart from the exhibition of traditional Armenian costumes guests will have an opportunity to enjoy the local food and have fun in taking part in other festival activities. Sarnaghbyur has 102 registered cultural assets including a cave church with sacred spring dedicated to St. Gregory the Illuminator.

Photo with Anika Yazichyan
Managing Director of Best Travel