General Information about Armenia

Kindly find below general information about Armenia.

general information about armenia


Official name: Republic of Armenia (Armenian – Hayastan)

Government: Presidential Republic

Head of State: The President

Territory: 29.743 sq km

Borders: Georgia – 219 km; Azerbaijan – 566 km; Nagorno Karabakh – 221 km; Iran – 44 km; Turkey – 311 km

Population: Over 3 million

Religion: The majority of believers (92.6 %) are of Armenian Apostolic Church.

State Language: Armenian

Capital: Yerevan

Holidays and non-working Days: 

  • Christmas and New Year (from December 31 to January 6),
  • Army Day – January 28,
  • The International Women’s Day – March 8,
  • Labour Day – May 1,
  • Victory and Peace Day – May 9,
  • Republic Day – May 28,
  • Constitution Day – July 5,
  • Independence Day – September 21.
  • April 24 is also a non-working day – the commemoration day of the Armenian Genocide victims.

Telephone Codes: The country code is 374, Yerevan city code is 10.

Time Zone: Armenia Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4).

Visa: Visa to Armenia is provided by the Representation of the Republic of Armenia, located in the given country (or near it). The citizens of the CIS member-states, the EU member-states and the Schengen Acquis states do not need visa to travel to Armenia. For the visitors under 18 years old visa is free of charge.

The citizens of several countries can get a visa upon arrival in Armenia, at the border checkpoints. In general the procedure lasts 20-25 minutes.

More detailed information regarding visa provision can be found at the web-page of RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.