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Armenia is the richest country in Europe with its cultural historical monuments: more than 25 000 on our tiny territory! It’s an enormous figure for a country with even a larger territory. And the range of time is also impressive: from the Stone and Bronze Ages to the Middle Ages which experienced a cultural bloom, and at last to our days

Cultural travel involves people experiencing aspects of the local culture while visiting different locations. On standard vacations, travelers may visit historic sites and sample some local foods but they may also eat at international restaurants and keep up with affairs in their own country by watching television or reading foreign newspapers. People engaged in cultural travel try to immerse themselves in local customs and activities and make a conscious effort to detach themselves from things that are associated with their home nation.



Treasures of Armenia

Treasures of Armenia
Direction: Echmiadzin-Garni-Geghard
Saghmosavank-Ohanavank-Oshakan-/Amberd-Khor Virap-Noravank
Stepanakert-Gandzasar-Amaras-Hunot’s canyon-Shushi-Tatev-Stonhenge


Discover a Different World

3 days tour in Lori & Tavush
Direction: Qobayr-Sanahin-Haghpat-Aghtala-Vanadzor-Haghartsin-Yerevan