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Things to do in Armenia

Things to do in Armenia-Sightseeing, Shopping, Activities, Events and Nightlife.

Are you planning a visit to Armenia? Here’s a list of what to do in Armenia.

Whether you’ve got a few hours or days, stay and play your way with these fun things to do in Armenia. Armenia offers tons of fun for families, business professionals and everyone in between. There are so many things to do in Armenia – from family friendly attractionsand history, to outdoor adventures and award-winning culture- you’re sure to find seasonal sensations year-round!

Find your fun and put together your own “must-see” and “must-do” list from among Armenia’s varied attractions.

Zipline in Armenia-Armenia Adventure

Enjoy Zipline in Armenia with Best Travel!
Wanna spend a crazy day with friends? You defiantly should try this. Zipline Armenia canopy tours are a custom designed series of zip cables and platforms allowing your quests

Armenia Tourist Attractions

Armenia Tourist Attractions by Best Travel Armenia!
Armenia being a mountainous, landlocked country, on the southeastern edge of Europe, and at the gateway to the Middle East and Asia has many tourist attractions. In recent years some sources

Visit Armenia for Mountain Biking in Armenia

Mountain biking in Armenia is an ideal country in the Caucasus, surrounded by mountains and national parks with off-road adventure and trails. Armenia is a fascinating country to explore by bicycle. Mountain biking tours will

Armenian Festivals 2015

Characterized by diverse styles and themes, traditional Armenian festivals are an important part of the country’s history and culture, both ancient and modern. Almost every festival has its own unique origins and customs which reflect

Watermelon Festival in Yerevan

July is a month worth choosing while traveling Armenia. There are a list of interesting festivals that are worth seeing. One of them is Watermelon Festival. This is the third year running the Municipality of


Taraz festival in Armenia is arranged every year and it is a celebration of one of the richest of Armenian traditions – Taraz. This year Taraz Festival in Armenia will be celebrated on 11 July,

Vardavar-Water Festival in Armenia

Vardavar is one of Armenian national-religious holidays which has its deep roots in pagan era. Vardavar is celebrated on the 14th Sunday after Easter celebration during the period from 28 June to 1 October. In

Armenian Traditions

Traditions and customs of the Armenian people, formed during many centuries, are our pride. Temperamental and hot-tempered, but at the same time good-natured and open, Armenians are very affectionate of their children, strongly respect family