Which is the main factor that attracts tourists in Armenia?

Tourism in Armenia is perceived differently. Our first feature of tourism in Armenia is Armenia`s cultural and historical heritage. We have rich historical and cultural values which are of great interest to tourists, and it is the first prerequisite for the development of tourism in Armenia.
We welcome tourists from Russia, USA, European countries such as France, Italy, Spain, France, etc.
We do not offer fixed programs; everything we do is customized according to client budget, dates of travel and interests.
Armenia being the first country to adopt Christianity in the world attracts tourists with its first Christian churches, as well as our brand is Ararat, apricots, pomegranates.

What problems arise for tourists while doing tourism in Armenia?

Tourism in Armenia has not so much problems. I can only note the shortage of bio toilets. All our tourists return with unforgettable memories.

Recently many tourists came due to the celebrations of the 100th anniversary, is there any hotel problems?

Because of a lack of hotels, tourists sometimes could not book room.
in presence of more hotels there will be more tourists in Armenia.

In terms of pricing policies Armenia is expensive or affordable for tourists?

Our biggest problem is low level of awareness of tourism in Armenia. As many foreigners do not visit Armenia not because they think prices are high but they have no idea at all about tourism in Armenia. And our goal is to present Armenia to the world properly.

Head Manager of “Best Travel” Agency Anika Yazichyan gives an interview about tourism in Armenia to 1in.am.


Author Ani Gevorgyan

Guest  Anika Yazichyan