Traditions and customs of the Armenian people, formed during many centuries, are our pride. Temperamental and hot-tempered, but at the same time good-natured and open, Armenians are very affectionate of their children, strongly respect family values. Armenian family has always been remarkable for being firm, and even in the modern world’s conditions Armenians manage to maintain their marriages firm thanks to strong family ties and mutual respect.
The modern Armenian family consists, as a rule, of 4-5 people. However, in villages children of all brothers who live together are considered brothers and sisters, and the mother treats her own children and children of her brother-in-law with the same love and affection. Housekeeping is traditionally the responsibility of the elder woman in the house, and her authority is considered higher than that of the man.
Respectfulness towards elders, regard and deference of them are also traditional for Armenians. The opinion of the elders is always taken into consideration; seniors play a significant role in the solution of important family issues. It is considered indecent to speak loudly or to smoke in the presence of seniors. If an elderly man enters the house, young people should stand up as a sign of respect and only sit down again after their senior’s invitation.
Wedding ceremonies, which still accompany most of the weddings, especially in villages, are considered one of the most beautiful ones. In the past, weddings used to last “7 days and 7 nights”, however today their duration is much shorter. As a rule, young people got married with their parents’ consent. Although if the girl’s parent were against the marriage, the young man, previously arranging it with his loved girl, organized her kidnapping and married her in secret. After that the parents could only accept the fact.
The Armenian people have been known for their hospitality, warmth and peacefulness. The local people pleasantly surprise tourists with their sincerity and generosity. Friendliness towards guests, unselfishness and candidness has always been and still is characteristic of Armenians.
People in Armenia have preserved their amazing heartfulness, decency and honesty.
You will be able to learn more about all of these and other customs and traditions of the Armenian people during your stay in the most hospitable country in the world.