Armenia Tourist Attractions by Best Travel Armenia!

Armenia being a mountainous, landlocked country, on the southeastern edge of Europe, and at the gateway to the Middle East and Asia has many tourist attractions. In recent years some sources now consider Armenia to be more closely aligned with Europe based on its modern economic and political trends. Armenia tourist attractions are so many that you will have adventure, religion, architecture and heritage on the same platter.

Each Armenian site is unique and interesting , but the greatest Armenia tourist attraction in Armenia remains the Holy Mount Ararat, which is the second birth of all human being. Holy Bible says that Noah`s Ark landed on Ararat in Armenia during the Great Flood giving second birth to the human race.


Armenia Tourist Attractions in Yerevan

Panaroma of Mount Ararat

Cafesjian Center for the arts

Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum

History Museum of Armenia

Mother Armenia

Sergei Parajanov Museum


Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum

Martiros Saryan Museum

Yervand Kochar Museum

Republic Square

Yerevan Brandy Company

National Gallery of Armenia

Surb Grigor Lusavorich Cathedral

Blue Mosque

G.U.M. market

Military Museum

Vernissage Market

Water World